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aboutus  was created with sensitive skin in mind, and value all customers as family. The owner himself suffered from eczema and continues to have very sensitive skin, being one of the many driving factors behind the creation of the glowganic brand.


We were established in June 2019 by a budding 18 year old entrepreneur by the name of Jaden Brown-Swaby and officially registered as a private limited company on 30th March 2020 with Companies House.

Here at Glowganic we love to give a helping hand, through providing quality products and forming bespoke relationships with our customers trying to create a wide sense of family. 

As a small business we believe it's very important to give back to our community. we currently sponsor two Local bikelife riders, going by the names of @indaair_c.k & @Bnumba_750. We aim to help them improve their skills, seek guiadance, earn an income and most importantly chase their dreams!