About Us

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide quality plant based products and spread knowledge throughout our community. Start your day with confidence when using  our natural & Plant-based skin or haircare products and learn something new in the Glowganic Learning Centre !

A Short Story Behind Glowganic:

I was 18 years old studying Btec  level 3 engineering in college , when all of a sudden I started to get rashes and break out in eczema which I had not suffered with for years (I think it was due to stress).  I tried EVERYTHING but nothing seemed to help, it just wouldn’t go away. One day I had the bright idea to create my own natural products tailored to my needs so I got to work and shortly after that Glowganic was born !

History :

Glowganic was founded in June 2019 by a young man named Jaden Brown-Swaby, he later went on to register Glowganic as a private limited company 30th March 2020, where Glowganic have been trading ever since

Future Projects :

At Glowganic we care about our community & environment. As we grow bigger as a company we plan to roll out a few different projects  that we’ve had in our drawing boards for a while. This includes sponsorship / mentoring programs targeting the younger gen aged 14-27 and another recycling based project where we turn old PET which our product containers are made from into key chains and other gifts.